Toilet in a law firm

Toilet in a law firm

The toilet is an essential room in any commercial or residential homes. You will never dictate the time and place to attend to a call of nature- it can be in a public or in a private place. A law firm is a public entity visited by people from all walks of life- clients, employees, students and interns and you can not relax with sauna like at home or you wouldn’t want to check heater buying guide if you are talking about a law firm’s toilet. You just need a flushing toilet itself. It is vital to have a toilet within or around the firm. Most of the commercial apartments always have toilets designated within the floor or in every office depending on the plan of the building.

It is a government regulation through the public health act that ” any public facility should have a toilet within the premises”. The main reason for this is, you have people from diverse places seeking services from your law firm. Some have appointments while others have just passed as walk-in clients. When your law firm provides excellent services, you will always have an influx of people visiting the premise to seek your services. Because of the long queue, it is expected at least 30 percent of them will visit the toilet. Remember it is also expensive to employ someone who cleans the toilet after every visit. Should you charge for every visitor should it be a value-added service for your clients? How should you handle this as an administrator of the law firm? Yes, you have a toilet, the next question is, how do you make it clean and tidy. How can you make the toilet environment and user-friendly for all your clients? What are other additional requirements you should have in the toilet to make it look better? These are some few questions you should ask yourself and act as a guideline to provide better toilet services.

 To answer all these questions, let us look at some of the critical issues when offering the service.


Ensure your law firm has enough supply of toiletries to accommodate everyone who visits with ease. In case the location of your law firm has no toilet, use that as a business opportunity and organize for a portable toilet and charge clients for the visit. If it is provided within the premise, it beats logic for you to charge people for the service. The toiletries include toilet papers, wipes, hand wash, sanitizers and hand warmers. It is a hygienic practice to wash your hands after every toilet visit, ensure there is a constant supply of water in the taps and toilet flush compartment.

 Cleaning detergents and disinfectants

Not everyone will use the toilet as required, employ a cleaner to sort out any toilet needs as well as maintain cleanliness of the toilet. Depending on the type of toilet buy suitable detergents which suit the type of toilet to be sparkling clean all the time. Disinfectants prevent germs and diseases.

 Do not let the lack of a toilet to deny you business, it may seem a minute necessity but it plays a bigger role in your client relationships. As a law firm you handle people, you have to ensure they are comfortable by providing washrooms and bathrooms for them to attend to calls of nature.

GPS projects of federal groups

GPS projects of federal groups

The federal governments have massive programs in their bid to meet their overall goals. The GPS tools come in handy to enhance and hasten the process in a more timely and effective manner. Federal groups deal with a wide geographical operation with complex procedures.  Almost every department in the federal government requires a GPS system in the course of their operations. Here are some of the most obvious areas they use the toolset.

Management of state events

The department of state is mandated o carry out various activities within and outside the state. They need a navigation system for easy coordination and consultation to ensure the events runs smoothly and efficiently. A good example is during a visit by the Governor of the State, the chief protocol officer needs to liaise with personnel on the ground to ensure all protocols and state policies for such functions are observed to the latter.


The telecommunication department uses the satellites for all the business communications whether through cell phones or old communication methods. The GPS system also allows one to know exact location even through social media pages where the systems are integrated. Smartphones have inbuilt GPS systems hence no need for another GPS gadget, although it has limited features.

Security and protection

The department of defense is a sensitive department, which runs the core security functions of the federal governments. Riding gears protect your head in an accident riding gear should be worn at all times. Gears and GPS should be present.The GPS system is used in various ways. First is the location of the enemy through a drone- a gadget randomly thrown in the air and remotely controlled on the ground to show the exact location of the target. Secondly, they use the system to locate themselves when they are out in the wild while protecting the nation. Lastly, they use it to track locations of suspects and even tap their phone conversations. All these helps in faster attacks and rescue missions among members when out for war.

Management of transport systems

Management of the wide transport network requires a centralized system that can monitor the fleet at a glance. The systems are placed at strategic places within the state with cameras for easy monitoring of vehicles within the state. The same system is also applicable at the roundabout to control traffic lights using sensors.

Public administration projects

The core function of the federal government is service delivery among its citizens. Some states are highly populated and cumbersome for use of manual system. The GPS toolkit provides a digital platform for efficient service delivery of public functions. Some of them include digital location when filling online forms.

Personnel management and administration

The human resource departments are not left out either in the whole GPS system equation. The federal governments have the highest number of personnel in different organizations. They use the GPS system to track specific location of all its employees at any time and place. This is through the telephones or business communication tools like Email.

GPS system is a great technology that has improved service delivery in different departments in the federal government.




How to Make Law Firm Equipment with a Table Saw

How to Make Law Firm Equipment with a Table Saw

The time has come and you are opening your own law firm. You have affordable office space with sufficient parking and all the criteria are met that will make you look professional. Now there is only one problem. That nice office needs to be furnished.

Buying equipment for an office is not cheap and by starting every single penny counts for sure. Well, with a table saw and a little bit of skill you can make law firm equipment with a table saw that will make heads turn making people believe that you obtained bespoke furniture from a professional office outfitter.

Woodworking and cabinet making is not at all as intimidating as it may appear at first. Taking it at one step at a time you will quickly realize that even a person with very average skills is able to create the equipment needed to furnish your new law firm office.

Having a table saw is getting you half way there. You can start with simple projects like some bookcases, a large table for your conference room, a comfortable reception desk, printer stands, and some cabinets. You may reason that you are a lawyer and not a handy man. It is true, but if you can put together a simple box, you can build a cabinet. Building a table is easier than falling out of a tree!

With the options for woodworking, perfect measurements, and good quality material and tools, the sky is your limit and more. When using a table saw for your projects it is important to make sure the blades are of good quality and fitted properly.

There are endless plans and instructions available that will allow you to use a humble table saw to make furniture for your law firm.

If one considers the most basic equipment you will need for your new law firm office you should consider the following:


What bliss to build a desk that suits your exact requirements instead of struggling through the day with too little desk space. You can include enough drawers to help declutter your working area with ease and keep documents and papers organized and close at bay.

Side Desks

If you can build a desk, adding a side desk for your PC or laptop should be equally easy. You can choose how small or large it needs to be and if you require space for your PC and printer or just a laptop and printer.

Book Shelves and Cabinets

Clearly, it is as simple as it seems. You will use your table saw to cut the wood into the desired pieces and assemble it. To make the perfect bookcase or shelves you need the cutting blade to be perfectly sharp to make clean cuts. Proper clean cuts will help you to compile a book shelve or set of cabinets that is custom made to fit your requirements to the tee.

The best part of having a table saw to make your law firm equipment is that you will spend a fraction of the cost with making it yourself instead of buying it at more than double the money you spent on materials and you enjoy bespoke furniture for your new law firm.

Pingpong as Stress Reliever for Lawyers

Pingpong as Stress Reliever for Lawyers

Working as a lawyer is one of the most stressful jobs in the USA, involving long hours, difficult situations, and often the added pressure of student debt that can take many years to pay off (the student loan debt for lawyers who graduate from the country’s top law schools is frequently over $150,000 and over 75% of students graduate with debt).


Why is Working in Law so Stressful?


Lawyers must attempt to harden themselves to get used to unjust cases and work with clients who are dealing with incredibly difficult circumstances. However, this constant pressure frequently leads to stress and anxiety, which can then become a depression. The demands of the profession indeed do not leave any room for the faint-hearted.




Money worries can also add to the stress. While lawyers receive a salary that is at a much higher level than many other careers, starting salaries may not be attractive as expected and it can take many years to pay off the staggering amount of student loan debt that most student lawyers rack up while becoming qualified.




Lawyers are 1.33 times more likely to commit suicide than other members of the population – a sobering statistic for anyone considering entering a career in law.


How to Deal with Stress as a Lawyer



Stress is a normal part of life and if it lasts for a relatively short period of time, we are able to adapt and recover. However, when stress is constant and chronic, it can become more of a problem. Almost half of all law students and lawyers will experience an anxiety disorder at some point in their lives.




Medication does exist to help reduce the effect of stress and depression, but it is more of a sticking plaster on a wound than a long-term solution.




However, there are a number of ways you can help to combat stress without any medical involvement. Some ideas include:




  • Meditation


  • Yoga


  • Focused hobbies such as knitting and drawing


  • Journaling


  • Sports and exercise


Pingpong as Stress Relief



You probably haven’t considered ping pong as a type of therapy before, but in fact, ping pong as stress relief for lawyers can be very effective. You can check tons of reviews of the best pool tables online and check the tools used for PingPong.




Pingpong works to combat stress on several levels:




  • It is a physical activity, proven to increase mood through the release of endorphins – the body’s natural “happy hormone”.


  • As ping pong is played with another player, it is a social activity, which can help with feelings of loneliness and isolation. It can also be great for team building and improving relationships at work.


  • A quick game of ping-pong can help to fight fatigue and improve concentration.


  • The physical sensation of hitting the ball is excellent for relieving frustration.


  • Concentrating on trying to hit the ball helps the brain to zone out from whatever it’s dwelling on, allowing you to return to work feeling refreshed.





So if you’re a stressed-out lawyer, it may well be worth investing in an office pingpong table, before your mental state starts to impact on your work.