Toilet in a law firm

Toilet in a law firm

The toilet is an essential room in any commercial or residential homes. You will never dictate the time and place to attend to a call of nature- it can be in a public or in a private place. A law firm is a public entity visited by people from all walks of life- clients, employees, students and interns and you can not relax with sauna like at home or you wouldn’t want to check heater buying guide if you are talking about a law firm’s toilet. You just need a flushing toilet itself. It is vital to have a toilet within or around the firm. Most of the commercial apartments always have toilets designated within the floor or in every office depending on the plan of the building.

It is a government regulation through the public health act that ” any public facility should have a toilet within the premises”. The main reason for this is, you have people from diverse places seeking services from your law firm. Some have appointments while others have just passed as walk-in clients. When your law firm provides excellent services, you will always have an influx of people visiting the premise to seek your services. Because of the long queue, it is expected at least 30 percent of them will visit the toilet. Remember it is also expensive to employ someone who cleans the toilet after every visit. Should you charge for every visitor should it be a value-added service for your clients? How should you handle this as an administrator of the law firm? Yes, you have a toilet, the next question is, how do you make it clean and tidy. How can you make the toilet environment and user-friendly for all your clients? What are other additional requirements you should have in the toilet to make it look better? These are some few questions you should ask yourself and act as a guideline to provide better toilet services.

 To answer all these questions, let us look at some of the critical issues when offering the service.


Ensure your law firm has enough supply of toiletries to accommodate everyone who visits with ease. In case the location of your law firm has no toilet, use that as a business opportunity and organize for a portable toilet and charge clients for the visit. If it is provided within the premise, it beats logic for you to charge people for the service. The toiletries include toilet papers, wipes, hand wash, sanitizers and hand warmers. It is a hygienic practice to wash your hands after every toilet visit, ensure there is a constant supply of water in the taps and toilet flush compartment.

 Cleaning detergents and disinfectants

Not everyone will use the toilet as required, employ a cleaner to sort out any toilet needs as well as maintain cleanliness of the toilet. Depending on the type of toilet buy suitable detergents which suit the type of toilet to be sparkling clean all the time. Disinfectants prevent germs and diseases.

 Do not let the lack of a toilet to deny you business, it may seem a minute necessity but it plays a bigger role in your client relationships. As a law firm you handle people, you have to ensure they are comfortable by providing washrooms and bathrooms for them to attend to calls of nature.

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